Staff Listing

  • Amanda Meawasige
  • Ardell Cochrane
  • Belinda Harper
  • Brenda Sanderson
  • Candace McCorrister
  • Carla Cochrane
  • Caroline Chartrand
  • Donna Saucier
  • Donna Toulouse
  • Elizabeth Decaire
  • Erin Egachie
  • Gwen Gillan
  • Jerilyn Huson
  • Jonathan Fleury
  • Joyce Wilson
  • Kayla Farquhar
  • Leanne Gillis
  • Leona Star
  • Lorraine McLeod
  • Louis Harper
  • Marsha Simmons
  • Melissa Gustafson
  • Michelle Audy
  • Monique Lavalee
  • Patricia Currie
  • Renata Meconse
  • Rhonda Campbell
  • Stephanie Sinclair
  • Tatenda Bwawa
  • Tracy Thomas
  • Vanessa Tait
  • Venkata Shravan Ramayanam
  • Wanda Phillips-Beck
  • Wendy McNab
Amanda Meawasige, Interim Director- Community Engagement and Collaboration (204) 946-9748 Read More
Ardell Cochrane, Executive Director (204) 946-9726 Read More
Belinda Harper, South Team Nurse, Diabetes Integration Project (DIP) (204) 946-9756 Read More
Brenda Sanderson, eHealth Nurse Manager (204) 946-9737 Read More
Candace McCorrister, Intermediate Accountant (204) 946-9757 Read More
Carla Cochrane, First Nations Labour and Employment Survey Regional Coordinator (204) 946-9747 Read More
Caroline Chartrand, Director, Diabetes Integration Project (DIP) (204) 946-9754   Read More
Donna Saucier, Regional Foot Coordinator, Diabetes Integration Project (DIP) 204-679-5733 Read More
Donna Toulouse, Research Administrative Assistant (204) 946-9741 Read More
    Elizabeth Decaire, Maternal Child Health (MCH) Peer Resources Specialist (204) 946-9727 Read More
    Erin Egachie, Administrative Assistant - Community Engagement and Collaboration (204) 946-9751 Read More
    Gwen Gillan, First Nations PHIMS Trainer  (204) 946-9731 Gwen Gillan is the new First Nations Panorama Trainer and is  looking forward to working with  First Nation communities regarding Panorama.  Gwen  is a Registered Nurse with many years of nursing experience. She has her certification in Community Health Nursing and the majority of her nursing experience has been in community and public health. She has worked in Saskatchewan, North West Territories and  Manitoba.  Her work experience in Manitoba  has been  First Nation community health nursing and home care.  Gwen is a member of Muskeg Cree Nation in Saskatchewan.   Read More
Jerilyn Huson, Executive Assistant (204) 946-9731 Read More
Jonathan Fleury, Director of eHealth (204) 946-9725 Read More
Joyce Wilson, MCH Administrative Support/Peer Support Worker Phone (204) 946-9742 Read More
   Kayla Farquhar, Dietitian, Diabetes Integration Project (DIP) (204) 946-9760 Read More
Leanne Gillis, Administrative Assistant – RHS, REEES & Research Initiatives (204) 946-9730 Read More
Leona Star, Director of Research (204) 946-9739 Read More
Lorraine McLeod, Province-wide Coordinator - Diabetes Integration Project (DIP) (204) 307-1732 / (204) 677-0263 Read More
Louis Harper, Senior Legal / Technical Advisor (204) 946-9750 Read More
Marsha Simmons, Lead Facilitator, Community Engagement (204) 946-9774 ext.785  Read More
Melissa Gustafson, South Team Nurse, Diabetes Integration Project (DIP) (204) 946-9758 Read More
 Michelle Audy, eHealth Project Lead (204) 946-9009 ext: 009 Read More
Monique Lavalee, Administrative Support, Diabetes Integration Project (DIP) (204) 946-9720 Read More
Patricia Currie, Team Nurse (204) 638-6148 (204) 572-4690 Read More
 Renata Meconse, Communications Specialist (204) 946-9773 ext 784 Read More
Rhonda Campbell, Maternal Child Health Nurse Program Advisor (204) 946-9724 Read More
 Stephanie Sinclair, PHC Study Coordinator/Community Development Specialist, iPHIT (204) 946-9738 Read More
Tatenda Bwawa, First Nations PHIMS Project Manager Tatenda’s prime responsibility is to coordinate the deployment of Panorama in First Nation communities. Tatenda works with key partner organizations to provide coordination and support of: clinical analysis, requirements determination, documentation, clinical adoption of Panorama, policies/standards, implementation and rollout requirements, stakeholder communications, change management, and supporting the Panorama Trainer.Tatenda earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Biology from Lambuth University, a Master’s degree in Public Health and a Graduate Certificate in Health Care Management from East Tennessee State University in the United States. She also holds a Master’s degree in Indigenous Development from the University of Winnipeg. Some of her experience includes public health, health policy, community development, foot care policy, pandemic planning and research. Phone: (204) 946-9722 Read More
Tracy Thomas, Administrative Assistant - Intergovernmental Committee on Manitoba First Nations Health and Social Development (ICMFNHSD) (204) 946-9772 Read More
Vanessa Tait, Policy Analyst, Researcher (204) 946-9004 ext. 771 Read More
Venkata Shravan Ramayanam, Statistical Analys (204) 946-9746 Read More
 Wanda Phillips-Beck, Primary Health Care Nurse Manager Innovation Supporting Transformation in Community-based Primary Healthcare Research Project (iPHIT) (204) 946-9736 Read More
Wendy McNab, PEKE Coordinator - Partners for Engagement and Knowledge Exchange (PEKE) (204) 946-9743 Read More